Nenad T. Account manager

We enjoy working with IGS Affiliates and their Midaur Casino. The affiliate team is very professional and always helpful. The Midaur.com site is a great brand for our Finnish market. 


Veselin B. CEO

Working with IGS Affiliates is a great experience. Their brand Midaur work very well in the Swedish market. The affiliate managers were very friendly and professional with their support and help.


Anton. R Operations Manager

We are very happy to start working with IGS Affiliates. Their professionalism and fast service are just some of the reasons we love them. Midaur Casino has good free spins and bonus offers which have a great conversion rate.


David T. COO

Great and responsive affiliate team together with a very well converting brands. Goes hand in hand to work with IGS. 


Milica K. Account Manager

 When picking a business partner, it is always advisable to look for one that is highly competent, professional and easy to work with. In IGS Affiliates, we have found exactly what we were searching for. They’ve proven to be time-efficient, reliable and extremely collegial time and again, which is precisely why we’re looking forward to continuing our flourishing cooperation with IGS Partners!


Emil E. CEO

IGS Partners is truly one of the best affiliate partners you can team up with. Midaur casino have been generating us great commission over a long period of time, and we can’t wait to see the results we will get during 2018. 


Sten A. CEO

The team over at IGS Partners have been super supportive during the time we have promoted Midaur. We can’t be more excited to see what the future holds as we continue to work close in 2018.


Roxana S. Account Manager

Very responsive affiliate partners, always kind and helpful. We've made a great team so far, and I'm sure our collaboration won't stop improving. Always a pleasure to work with IGS!


Andrew E. MD

I highly recommend IGS Partners as a trusted and supportive team which showcase new exciting converting brands.


Stevie W. Operations Manager

IGS Partners have been a pleasure to work with on Midaur Casino and we look forward to a successful partnership in 2018.


Darryl W. CEO


Delighted to work with IGS affiliates, respected brands and helpful affiliate team! 



Keith W. Customer & Business Relations Manager

We have been working with IGS for quite some time now. They promote one of the best products out there with Midaur casino and I can see that our future co-operations together will simply flourish in 2018 and beyond!


Daniel B. CEO

Great Team where people are open-minded and ready to offer and accept ideas that would bring benefits, people dedicated to their jobs!


Anna T. BDM

Midaur Casino impressed us both with its website and Affiliate Program. We are really glad to work with such professionals as IGS Partners. The conversion is high but the main thing is that we are always listening to each other to cater to the needs of both sides.


Nigel H.

IGS Affiliates have a great team in place and have been extremely helpful and supportive since our partnership began. I’ll look forward to the future of working together and promoting a great casino like Midaur. 


Jimena GB. Content & SEO administrator


Working with Midaur is as good as Gold! – Trustworthy, friendly and professional affiliates managers will guide you through the process with a smile. On-time payments, great casino experience for players, and unique promotions make working with Midaur a fantastic experience. We are excited about this casinos future and happy to be part of their evolution.


Darren M. SEO


When it comes to brands that have it all, Midaur really stands out from the rest. unique and different The Golden Casino is the kind of sites players remember and enjoy.

Working with them is a true pleasure – on-time payments, friendly staff and great promotions are some of the advantages you can get when joining iGS partners.



Alina M. Head of Affiliates

Some of the most professional affiliate team on the operators’ side I had the pleasure to work with. I can’t be more thrilled to recommend anybody in the industry to work with them and also I am looking forwards to what the future has in store for our collaboration.