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IGS Partners benefit from the award winning Income Access marketing platform. Safe & secure, excellent End to End tracking, custom commission schemes, exclusive bonuses and rewards. It's technology from an industry leader that you can trust!  

By Income Access

Income Access

IGS partners programs are supported by Income Access who delivers award-winning technology and a team of expert digital marketers. Income Access is also home to the longest-standing independent iGaming affiliate network. 


Have a complete view of your marketing efforts, with the award-winning technology that delivers data-rich reporting all in one place. Between mobile, web, and offline tracking and reporting, you’ll have all you need 

End to End Tracking

Have complete transparency and in-depth analytics on key performance indicators of your marketing campaigns, from first-impression through to lifetime transaction data per player.See the volume and value of your customers by brand, marketing channel, campaign, creative, product, affiliate, and by individual player. 

Flexible Pay-Outs

Have complete flexibility for your commission payments. Get paid via flat or tiered revenue share, Cost per lead (CPL), cost per install (CPI), flat or tiered cost per acquisition (CPA), and referral commission schemes, as well as hybrids of these options.


Our team will provide you with bonus commissions, or set up special commission structures. Individual campaign tracking IDs offer transparency. 

Targeted Campaigns

We save you time and effort by creating pre-targeted ads to best convert your traffic. Mobile affiliates can access mobile-optimised tracking links, by device and operating system. If you operate in multiple jurisdictions we can offer ads based on geographic region, language, and browser settings. 

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